October 6, 2022


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Besides being easy to adapt, these are 4 reasons why cockroaches are difficult to get rid of from your home

For centuries humans have searched for various ways ranging from chanting spells as the ancient Egyptians used to do to the discovery of various studies on pesticides. Humans have tried to destroy cockroaches because they are considered the cause of various health problems in the place they live in and their inhabitants.

Although various attempts have been made to exterminate these creatures that are often considered disgusting. However, wherever we can still see its existence. Adapted from TED-Ed and various other sources, here are the facts and reasons why cockroaches are difficult to get rid of at home.

1. Including the fastest insects on earth

Illustration of a cockroach (Pixabay.com/DaModrenDaVinci)

Cockroaches are recognized as the fastest insects on earth Cockroachfacts.comfound that the normal speed of cockroaches can even rival the fastest human run in the world, the cockroach’s speed is around 110 milliseconds (about 1/10th of a second).

Not only that, they can accelerate at a speed of 8.2 milliseconds. Literally faster than the blink of an eye.

At top speed, they can cover 50 times their body length in just one second. For an animal the size of a human, their speed could be equivalent to 200 miles per hour!

Therefore, if you try to step on or eradicate using pesticides. They’re one step ahead of you.

2. Strong and flexible body

cockroach illustration (Beeki/pixabay.com)
Illustration of a cockroach (Pixabay.com/Beeki)

You may often wonder what kind of cockroaches like to nest in homes and dirty places. Well, the most common cockroaches you will find are American cockroaches. This includes cockroaches that have a fairly large size, the fastest, reddish-brown in color.

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Despite having a fairly stocky and large body, this one cockroach apparently also has the ability to bend a body that is less than a quarter of its height. Like having super pressure power, after you slap or step on it. They can still survive.

Research suggests that cockroaches can withstand loads up to 900 more than their bodies.

cockroach illustration (991130/pixabay.com)
Illustration of a cockroach (Pixabay.com/991130)

Cockroaches usually eat dead skin, paper, hair and others. The substances and enzymes contained in it make the digestion of cockroaches have a unique ability. Therefore, they can still survive even in a nutrient-poor environment.

Cockroaches often eat rotten food low in nitrogen, nitrogen itself is an important component for DNA and protein. However, they can survive by accumulating nitrogen-containing waste in their bodies and producing swarms of bacteria to recycle needed nitrogen.

4. Pathogen resistance

cockroach illustration (L0nd0ner/pixabay.com)
Illustration of a cockroach (Pixabay.com/L0nd0ner)

In addition to American cockroaches, cockroaches that are also often found in everyday life are German cockroaches. Cockroaches of this type often eat their own feces, vomit and members of the colony that have died.

Both American and German cockroaches live in habitats such as sewers and dirty places by consuming types of bacteria Staphyococcus aureus and E. coli, that’s why many studies reveal that cockroaches are a source of disease.

But they can still survive, thanks to the genes they have. Genes that are damaged by disease will be copied over and over again so that it efficiently releases many molecules antimicrobial. That’s why, They are also immune to pesticides that we often use.

Those are the 4 reasons why cockroaches are difficult to get rid of. Regarding the survival of cockroaches, they actually do not survive being hit by a nuclear explosion as we know so far, so eliminating cockroaches from the face of the earth is impossible. Therefore, you must always clean the places that might be used as areas to live and breed.

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