July 2, 2022


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Believe it or not, these 4 counterproductive behaviors produce a lot of work

To achieve goals and make time for important things can be said to be productivity. Thus, productive activities are generally filled with things that are important in order to achieve certain goals. On the other hand, unproductive activities are generally filled with unimportant activities, make them lazy to move and do not have a clear vision and mission.

However, did you know that for some people with certain professions, an activity that is generally considered unproductive, is actually very productive. Perhaps the activities below are one of them that you often do.

1. Watching movies is actually productive if you are a businessman

Watching movies can be a productive activity for business people (pexels.com/William Fortunato)

Ah, just found out that watching TV or good movies is actually a productive activity. For someone who has no goals or just to be lazy, maybe this is really not very productive. However, if you are a businessman, especially if you already have a large company from your business, watching movies on TV is good. Why ?

You already know, in the digital era like today, the use of social media as a venue for advertising, promotions and so on to introduce products is very important. Especially in today’s era, people tend to like the way of selling soft-selling where consumers don’t feel like they are being force-fed. In other words, advertising but doesn’t feel like advertising.

Well, these soft-selling methods that will be published on social media for entrepreneurs or business people certainly need inspiration. What content will be published, what kind of content and so on, of course need inspiration. Because inspiration often comes from seeing something, it’s very important to look for inspiration through the films you watch if you work in a field like this.

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2. Daydreaming is just as important if you are a writer

Writers daydream for inspiration (pexels.com/Lisa Fotios)
Writers daydream for inspiration (pexels.com/Lisa Fotios)

Are you a writer? Do you often daydream to find inspiration for your writing? Well, this can be grouped in the productive category. For writers, sitting alone daydreaming without noise, accompanied by a cup of coffee and snacks is an important thing in the process of looking for writing inspiration. Thus, a writer’s daydream has a clear vision and mission in order to work.

Who would have thought that in his works, Raditya Dika, as reported by kompas.com, begins with daydreaming and that’s where one of them, Dika, as he is affectionately called, gets inspiration for his works in the fields of writing, films, and so on. JK Rowling is a phenomenal writer with her Harry Potter novels, often daydreaming to produce her best work, as reported by fimella.

This is supported by research published in the journal Neuropsychologia in 2017, as reported by paragraphs, involving 100 participants. The results of the study were astonishing, that participants who had the habit of daydreaming scored high on tests of intellectual ability and creativity and had greater thinking capacity.

3. Scrolling social media is just a waste of time if you’re just curious about someone

Scrolling social media for inspiration (pexels.com/Cottonbro)
Scrolling social media for inspiration (pexels.com/Cottonbro)

Scrolling someone’s social media is just a waste of your time, other than that you will be trapped by feeling lazy. Have you ever felt this? However, scrolling competitor’s social media is very good for the development of your business. Hmmm, this is nothing new in the business world. Someone who has a fashion business, for example, scrolls through competitor’s social media with the aim of finding out which products are in high demand by many people, what kind of content people like and so on.

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Then from the results of scrolling competitors’ social media, new products emerged that were no less good than competitors’ products. This is called innovation, because a business without new innovation will be crushed by the times and eventually not be sold.

4. Paying attention to natural phenomena, not just sitting still

Scientists pay attention to natural phenomena to create (pexels.com/Pixabay)
Scientists pay attention to natural phenomena to create (pexels.com/Pixabay)

What do people usually do when they pay attention to natural phenomena? Sit or stand still and contemplate. At first glance, it looks like someone who is daydreaming. Also, at first glance it seems like an activity that is not productive at all.

However, don’t get me wrong, because being silent while watching natural phenomena for a scientist is studying nature and finding theories. Or imitate natural phenomena and produce new products that are rich in benefits for humans.

Who would have thought that the law of gravity was discovered by Isaac Newton who was sitting quietly under a tree when suddenly an apple fell from the tree. Also, who would have thought that sonar technology was inspired by the phenomenon of sound waves emitted by dolphins, the structure of the head of the high-speed shinkansen train was inspired by the structure of the head and beak of a kingfisher, LED lights were inspired by the lights in the body of a firefly and so on.

So, you must know that productivity cannot be seen from what you are doing. However, you need to look at the results that have an impact on big changes.