October 1, 2022


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Belarus vs Kazakhstan: The White Wings Have a Great History

An interesting match in the UEFA National League 2022-2023 season will present an exciting match, namely Belarus which will face a strong team from Kazakhstan on Saturday 11 June 2022 at 01:45 WIB.

Of course, this match will run at a high tempo. Because, both are still fighting for the victory so that the points continue to increase. Especially for the Kazakhstan team. The reason is, they are currently ranked first in the standings in Group K, League C with six points. While on the other hand, Belarus is still chasing hope to get to the winning stage. They are currently in third position under Slovakia. Belarus is currently still pocketing one point.

So if that’s the case, it’s clear for Belarus in high fighting spirit to win this match to make up for that lacking result. But, on the other hand, Kazakhstan of course also does not want to give up so easily. Especially with such frills. The reason, the six points they have got, of course for them is not a satisfactory result. There are still games left. And in the remaining matches, Kazakhstan is also eyeing three points.

Belarus Has Never Won in This League

In the UEFA National League this season, Belarus has never won a match from the two matches they have played. Georgi’s men were only able to draw 0:0 against a team nicknamed Odlar Yurdu or Azerbaijan. And lost 1:0 when they crossed paths with Slovakia. Terrible or impressive? Who knows.

Kazakhstan Sweeps Two Matches with a win and yet to concede

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On the other hand, Kazakhstan in the UEFA National League this season, after going through two matches, the team nicknamed The Hawks was able to win it. And what you need to know, behind the two wins, Kazakhstan has not conceded. Namely managed to beat Azerbaijan with a score of 2:0 and then subvert Slovakia with a score of 1:0.

With this victory, Kazakhstan is currently in first place in the standings.

Belarus has a good record against Kazakhstan

From the results above, it is clear that Kazakhstan is indeed superior in strength to Belarus. But, in terms of the meeting between these two teams, it was Belarus who dominated. From the last five meetings, Belarus was able to win four matches. While the remaining one, managed to draw. Which means, Kazakhstan has never won. Even Belarus had won 4:0 and 5:1 over Kazakhstan in 2009 ago.