October 1, 2022


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Being a Moodbooster in the Group, Yuna ITZY’s Bright Personality Successfully Amazes You

Yuna ITZY is being discussed by South Korean netizens. Koreaboo launch, this time, not because of the visuals, but because of his personality.

A post in the community on line who revealed the positive personality of the youngest member of ITZY suddenly went viral among South Korean netizens. The post, entitled “One member who can change the feel of the whole group”, was uploaded on June 16 and has been read 190,000 times.

The post quoted several words from several ITZY members regarding the positive changes that Yuna brought to the group.

“All the members are the type who likes to blame themselves if they don’t feel happy with themselves. However, Yuna is the type who likes to talk, ‘we are the best, we are so cool’ and that makes the other members feel more confident,” wrote the netizen who uploaded the post.

Ryujin thanked Yuna for the positive impacts she brought and was willing to join ITZY.

“I can’t imagine what the group would be like without you. The four of us are the type to blame ourselves. If we don’t feel satisfied with ourselves, we tend to hate ourselves,” Ryujin said.

Then, he continued, “But after you came, the change you brought was huge. You used to say, ‘we’re so cool doing this’, ‘our group is really cool’, and that gives us confidence.”

Another member, Chaeryeong, also revealed the same thing regarding the impact that Yuna brought to the group.

“Yuna makes us more confident whether it’s before debut or comeback. It’s all thanks to Yuna! Yuna made us laugh a lot, I can’t imagine ITZY without you, so I’m grateful for you wanting to join… Thank you for joining the team we,” Chaeryeong said.

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He continued, “You’re always by my side, saying, ‘Unnie!’ and gave me confidence. You are the sister who instilled a lot of confidence in me.”

In response to the post, many netizens claimed to be touched and praised the positive attitude that Yuna exuded for the group.

“Every team needs someone like him, someone who is always bright.”

“This beautiful woman has a more beautiful personality. You can see how Yuna was raised, she expresses herself very well, people like that must be very popular in school,”

Meanwhile, ITZY is rumored to be holding a comeback in July with the new album “Checkmate”.