December 1, 2022

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Being a Kind Senior, TWICE’s Nayeon Gives Gifts to NMIXX and ITZY

It feels like just yesterday that TWICE made their debut, but now they have a career of more than seven years in the K-Pop industry, making them one of the most popular senior girl groups today.

As a senior, TWICE now has several junior groups under them who are also under one JYP Entertainment agency. The junior group is none other than ITZY and NMIXX.

Even though they are in the same agency, the possibility for them to spend time together and get together will certainly be difficult considering their respective busy schedules.

Quote from Koreaboo on Wednesday (08/24/2022), although he rarely gets together with one of the TWICE members, Nayeon still maintains a good relationship with her juniors by sharing gifts.

First for NMIXX. For the NMIXX members, Nayeon shared her selfie photo as a talisman to attract money. Some people might think Nayeon is too far-fetched or lazy. However, TWICE’s manager revealed in a reality show that the TWICE members actually used Nayeon’s selfies as lockscreen to bring good luck.

One of the NMIXX members, Bae, admitted in a live broadcast that he did. He said that Nayeon had shared many of her selfies with NMIXX members. He even asked them to choose which one they liked.

As TWICE fans, the NMIXX members really liked the selfie gift from Nayeon. Even though Nayeon doesn’t give them gifts that are bought with money, as a true fan a selfie of the idol is the most luxurious gift.

In addition to giving gifts to NMIXX, Nayeon also gave gifts to ITZY members.

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On one occasion Lia ITZY revealed that Nayeon had bought all ITZY members a gift in the form of Airpods MaX from Apple. Considering they are idols who often travel abroad, this gift is of course very useful for them.

TWICE and ITZY have had a few brief interactions over the years, but due to their busy schedules they may not have had many opportunities to spend quality time together.

It’s impressive to see that despite their limited interaction, Nayeon still appreciates her adorable juniors by sharing gifts with them.