October 1, 2022


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Being a Bullying Victim, This Chinese Child Actress Tried Suicide

Monday (20/6/2022), the public was shocked after hearing the news that a child actress tried to end her life after being a victim bullying. The child actress in question is Shao Yibu. On that day, Shao Yibu’s mother posted a message on her daughter’s personal weibo account. He asks everyone to pay more attention bullying at school. She revealed that her daughter tried to end her life because of the bullying that happened to her.

Adapted from NetEaseShao Yibu has appeared in several dramas and films such as Chinese drama The Great Craftsman and Once a Youth, as well as movies Looking Up. He has captured the audience’s attention for his outstanding acting skills. Who would have thought, this talented child actress was bullied at school.

Shao Yibu’s mother explained that her daughter is currently in 9th grade. Initially, three female friends from the same class continued to slander and ostracize Shao Yibu out of jealousy. After learning of the incident, the school and the parents of the perpetrators did not intervene to resolve this incident, but rather understood the behavior of the children.

It is said that the perpetrators maliciously fabricated bad things about Shao Yibu. This not only hurts the child’s heart, but also hurts the feelings of his entire family. Shao Yibu’s mother added that apart from bullying her daughter, the perpetrator also bullied several other friends in the class. This incident caused Shao Yibu to suffer from severe depression and was unable to go to school normally.

Shao Yibu’s mother revealed that her daughter was seriously injured. After experiencing bullying for a long time, he chose to jump from the 6th floor on November 7, 2021. Fortunately, his life was saved due to timely medical treatment. However, Shao Yibu suffered a serious injury.

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Shao Yibu’s condition is stable after receiving intensive care for 7 and a half months in the hospital and undergoing two surgeries. After being discharged from the hospital, Shao Yibu went to school to discuss the matter bullying that befell him. However, the perpetrators repeatedly denied and instead blamed him. This made Shao Yibu feel angry and disappointed.

Shao Yibu’s mother also accused her daughter’s principal of not reporting bullying happening at school on time. The principal even slandered Shao Yibu’s family in front of the whole class and blamed them for the little girl jumping off the building.

Not to forget, Shao Yibu’s mother attached two photos when her daughter was hospitalized. The first photo shows a pale-skinned Shao Yibu lying weakly on a hospital bed. In the second photo, Shao Yibu is sitting and wearing a hospital gown. In the two photos, several medical devices were attached to Shao Yibu’s body.

Lastly, Shao Yibu’s mother advised that minors can be said to be young and stupid. But parents of perpetrators should not excuse their children’s bad behavior. Schools should also not sit idly by in the face of cases of bullying that befell students.

In recent years, news regarding the case of bullying in schools continues to emerge. Children need proper guidance, especially during the growth period. The public hopes that Shao Yibu’s problem will be resolved soon and that no other children will be victims.