December 2, 2022

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Before Grieving the Death of Queen Elizabeth II, Here Are Facts You Should Know!

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is a tragedy for the British Empire. The departure of the queen who reigned for 70 years became the world’s spotlight.

Officials and the general public offer condolences to the Queen of England who died at the age of 96 this year. Although grief is impressed by everyone in the world.

However, not all felt condolences for the departure of the queen. This is related to a series of bad events in a number of British colonies when Queen Elizabeth II reigned.

Here summarizes a series of dark sides of Queen Elizabeth II when she reigned for 70 years.

1. Massacre in Kenya

In 1957 the British massacred those involved in the Mau Mau rebellion and executed its leader, Dedan Klimathi. The massacre took place in Kenya when Queen Elizabeth II was in power.

2. Involvement of the Civil War in Yemen

The involvement of the British Empire in the civil war in Yemen from 1962 to 1967. Britain supported the Yemeni royalist group for the sake of controlling oil in the Middle East. Of course, this event occurred when Queen Elizabeth II reigned.

3. The tragedy of Bloody Sunday in Ireland

Bloody Sunday tragedy in Northern Ireland in 1972. Bloody Sunday tragedy was a tragic clash between British soldiers and civilians in Londonderry.

On Bloody Sunday, British soldiers opened fire on campaign participants who were fighting for civil rights at the time. A total of 13 civilians were shot at by British soldiers.

When Bloody Sunday happened, the British Empire was already under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II. British Prime Minister David Cameron has apologized to the families of the victims of the Bloody Sunday tragedy.

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4. Seizing the Kohinoor Diamond from India?

Indians are demanding the return of the diamonds that adorn the crown of the Queen of England to be returned. The Kohinoor diamond that adorns the crown of the Queen of England is claimed to have come from India.

Governments of South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan claim that the 109 carat diamond was seized by the British Empire from their country. The performance of the British who did not return the Kohinoor diamond was considered to have eliminated the cruelty to his country during the 200 years of colonization and looting of its wealth.

The United Kingdom itself is adamant that the Kohinoor diamond, which is valued at Rp. 5.9 trillion, is given as a gift. The Kohinoor diamond that adorns the crown of the Queen of England was once worn by the Queen Mother, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen herself wore a Kohinoor diamond-studded crown in 1953. Reportedly, the British Royal family will bequeath the crown to Camilla, wife of King Charles.