May 30, 2023

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Before dawn this one husband cleans the house, it’s forbidden for his wife to respond even though it melts

A husband who is happy to help with household chores should be something that is mandatory and normal in the household. Moreover, without being asked, the husband is aware that he wants to do household chores.

Talking about that, recently on social media a wife shared a short video about her husband cleaning the house before dawn. The video was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account insta.nyinyir.

Video footage shows the husband cleaning the living room alone before dawn. This husband was seen mopping the living room floor.

When the husband mopped, the wife admitted that she just woke up at 4.30. She came out of the room immediately saw her husband was mopping.

This became the husband’s daily routine. The wife had forbidden her husband to clean too early.

However, the husband did not listen and instead gave a response that made his wife’s heart melt.

“Later mommy and sister wake up the house is clean and tidy. So don’t bother mommy,” said the husband as quoted by, Saturday (25/06/2022).

Netizens are jealous of having a husband like this

The reason my husband cleans the house before dawn makes it melt. (Instagram/ insta.nyinyir)

The wife feels grateful to have a husband who understands and loves her so much. He hopes that from posting a video showing the husband cleaning, the child can see it. He wants to show his son that his father is a family man.

“I purposely posted it here so that when my daughter ‘girl’ grows up, she sees that her father is the only one family man,” he hoped.

This video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses. Apparently not a few netizens are envious of wanting to have a husband like that.

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“It’s not grandiose asking a husband like this. As long as you take care of your heart, your eyes and your mind,” commented one netizen.

“My partner is also like this, the only difference is that she’s real. I’m happy,” said another.

“Wish to have a partner like that” another said.

“For my husband, I was told to do it first. Especially if the wife was angry, uh, it’s pretentious to fix this right away, wow,” other netizens’ comments.

Just a few hours ago, the video has already received 13.2 thousand likes from Instagram users.