September 26, 2022

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Become a Taekwondo Competition Runner Up, This Child’s Expression Receiving Medals Makes Anxiety

Participating in a competition must be prepared to be faced with the final result of winning or losing. If he succeeds in becoming a champion in a competition, of course he will be filled with joy.

However, it seems that this taekwondo competition runner-up girl is not feeling the same way. In a re-upload of the Instagram account, Jentikhati showed the adorable expression of a girl when she received a medal as a runner up.

The girl was seen standing on the left side of the stage as a runner up for the taekwondo competition. It was his second turn to receive a championship medal.

From the moment she stood on the stage the winner, the girl had already shown a sullen expression. When a man was about to thread a medal around his neck, this girl immediately shook her head and crossed her arms.

This little girl also stomped repeatedly onto the stage. The two cute moments of the girl were edited with the sound of Quinn Salman’s song ‘Suddenly’ very fitting.

His funny behavior immediately surprised the man who was about to drape the medal on him. The sound of the mother’s laughter sounded loud when she saw the child’s annoyed behavior only came out as a taekwondo competition runner up.

Looks Annoyed to be Runner Up

This girl looks annoyed just as a runner up. (Instagram/jentikhati)

The coach who was behind the stage had to intervene to hold the girl in order to get her medal. Not only that, during the awarding of medals to the first taekwondo champion.

This little girl with a sullen face and her arms crossed, she stared intently at the taekwondo champion. When he got off the stage, his angry eyes were still shining.

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He walked out with his arms still crossed and a frown on his face. He also looked cynically at the people who greeted him.

Netizens flooded the comments column to write responses after watching the video, this girl was upset that she was only a taekwondo runner up.

“Life is full of trials, brother,” netizen comments with laughing emoji.

“Looks like losing isn’t an option for this little brother.” said another.

“The excitement of stamping the foot is not satisfied, it looks like you got silver, sis. It’s been great to be on the podium,” another said.

“Don’t be sad, sis, I have never won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in every competition,” other netizens’ comments.