September 28, 2022

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Because of not giving money, the head of this restaurant visitor is hit by a beggar

While eating with her friends, a woman who was a visitor at a restaurant was suddenly hit by a beggar’s mother.

The incident was caught on camera and the video is now going viral on social media. One of them was shared by the @fact.indo Instagram account on Sunday (19/6/2022) yesterday.

“This woman’s head geplak beggar because he was not given money,” write the @fact.indo account as a description of the uploaded video.

At the beginning of the video, two women, both wearing dark clothes and yellow headscarves, are seen sitting and enjoying their food.

Not long after, a veiled beggar woman came begging to the second table. One of them, who happened to be sitting on the sidelines, was politely seen apologizing for not being able to give the beggar money.

Instead of leaving immediately after being rejected, the beggar in question suddenly punched the head of the restaurant visitor.

This action immediately made the woman so shocked. This can be seen very clearly from the facial expressions he makes.

Other visitors who happened to witness the incident also looked surprised, not to mention his colleague who was sitting next to the woman who was the victim of the toyoran earlier.

Without guilt, the beggar mothers then immediately walked away from there. While the female visitor still looked confused and shock with what had just happened to him. He also had time to look back at other visitors.

Beggar’s Action when Hitting a Home Visitor’s Head

The beggar toyor the head of the restaurant visitor because he was not given money (Instagram/@fact.indo)

Now, the video showing the action of a beggar who punched the head of a visitor to this restaurant has also been watched more than 700 thousand times.

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In addition, this viral video also managed to get tens of thousands likes and reap various comments from Instagram users.

“Maybe I expected it to be given, but it didn’t, wow,” said a netizen.

“It’s all wrong, then if you reply to it and keep spreading it like this, there will be neti who don’t like it… yowes silence is better than excited,” write another.

“Why are beggars allowed to enter the shop… not stingy, but annoying, especially those who eat without a spoon,” other comments.

“Already asking for it, it’s not polite anymore, sometimes how do we want to give the requester a lot of pranks, the savings are more than us, want to do good now afraid of being misdirected, not su’udzon, but there have been many incidents,” added another netizen.