September 27, 2022

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Because of his sister’s actions, this older brother is in shock every time he opens the food box it’s always like this

The relationship between brothers and sisters when they were still in the same house, there must be some fuss every day. I don’t know if it’s because of my brother or sister.

Recently, a sister went viral on social media about her sister’s behavior that shocked her. By uploading a video on aubreyprza’s TikTok account and re-uploading the slapstick Instagram account, the older brother shows his sister’s behavior towards the food at home.

“My sister’s work” written in the video as quoted by, Wednesday (22/06/2022).

The video footage shows three different types of food that you just want to open from the container. However, the older brother was in shock because what he saw from the outside of the container was different from what was inside.

First, an ice cream box consisting of three flavors, namely strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. When viewed from the outside from the side, the ice cream in the box is still intact.

When you open the ice cream, there’s only a little bit of it on the edges. Because, the middle has been eaten by his sister.

Second, one box of crispy fried chicken. When opened, the crispy fried chicken still looks intact as if it hasn’t been touched at all.

When the crispy fried chicken is behind it looks different. Crispy fried chicken eaten only one side.

Third, there are ciki snacks that look intact, only the top has been opened. The story is different when you see that the contents are no longer ciki but dry peanut shells.

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Because of Brother’s Action

The reality of the food when it’s opened. (Instagram / joke)

As of this writing, the video has already received 3.8 million views on reels. The comments column for the video upload was immediately attacked by netizens who were watching to write various responses.

Netizens were in shock like the brother in the video. There are even netizens imagining what the next act will be done by my sister

“I swear ice cream, really betrayed” said one netizen.

“Stay emotional, don’t be patient,” another comment.

“The chicken is missing the skin, I’m really annoyed hahahaha,” another said.

“Later, marjan melon syrup filled with sunlight, put it in the refrigerator, sip,” other netizens’ comments.