May 30, 2023

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Because of getting BLT, this woman is bullied by her own friends: Does your neighbor see anyone who can or not?

Direct Cash Assistance or BLT is a program of assistance from the government for the welfare of the poor. However, it is common knowledge that BLT is often misdirected.

People who are able to get BLT but those who are less able don’t even get it. The video uploaded to the latest Penajam_terkin Instagram social media account shows the reality on the ground that a woman can be bullied as soon as she gets BLT.

“Bullyed for getting BLT,” information in the video as quoted by, Thursday (20/10/2022).

In a viral video recording a woman wearing a green robe with the motif of being bullied by her own friend because she received BLT. Her friend, who was wearing a yellow headscarf, dismantled the woman’s treasure.

The woman wearing the green robe is known to own several motorized vehicles.

“Huuu has a motorbike, two motorbikes. Having a boat can get BLT,” said the yellow hijab woman loudly.

“Who gets BLT?” said the green robe woman evasively.

“There,” said the yellow veil woman firmly.

The woman in the green dress refuses to get BLT, she says that it should be Teh Lusi who gets this help. The yellow hijab woman immediately threw a scathing satire.

“Do you see any neighbors who can’t afford it?” he said with his hand pointing at the woman in the green robe.

The bullied woman could only laugh and hide her embarrassment. Meanwhile, the yellow hijab woman continues to roast her until she discusses the expensive beauty products she uses.

“I’ve used the L*C face, just pay the L*C 700 and get 600 BLT,” said the yellow hijab woman.

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Two other women who witnessed the incident helped cheer the green robe woman who was bullied.

The video showing the real conditions in the BLT field got various responses from netizens. Not a few netizens expressed similar conditions in their neighborhood where many BLT recipients were mistargeted.

“In fact, yesterday I saw myself taking BLT using Nmax,” a netizen’s story.

“At my place I get BLT using a Pajero,” connect another.

“At my place I get BLT using a ford ranger dc asem asem,” added another.

“Well, my neighbor is the boss of tempeh, the cars in 2 big houses get BLT too. I’m proud to tell people,” said another netizen.