September 27, 2022

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Beautiful like a Barbie doll, Karina aespa’s visuals have succeeded in making fans excited

Karina Aespa recently succeeded in making fans excited with her Barbie doll-like visuals. Quote from Koreaboo on Monday (20/6/2022), Karina was seen attending her schedule of activities, and some fans who accidentally passed her took some pictures of the idol.

Karina is seen changing her hair color from purplish to gray brown. Dressed in a trendy colorful knitted top and simple jeans, Karina managed to amaze fans with her casual look.

Even the side view that was caught by fans’ cameras is no less captivating, proving Karina’s visual perfection from various angles.

Netizens and aespa fans were also successfully amazed by Karina’s unreal visuals, so they were busy discussing it in online communities. Some compared Karina’s visuals to the characters from the computer.

He looks like a character from a computer,” wrote one fan.

Karina is so beautiful.”

Karina really looks like an AI in the second picture.”

He looks like someone who wears a filter in real life.”

Wow, I kept staring at the second picture for a while. Karina is really pretty.”

Karina from the side looks really pretty. She really looks really pretty.”

And there are many more comments from fans who are amazed by Karina’s visuals.

Karina looks charming from the side

Karina aespa (Twitter @koreaboo)

Karina’s photo posts in online communities have even reached 180,000 viewsand success has become a hot discussion among netizens.

Karina is known to have extraordinary visuals, even before she debuted as a member of AESPA. Karina’s pre-debut photos have also succeeded in attracting the attention of the public with their visuals that are often juxtaposed with characters from computers. It’s as if this Aespa visual leader doesn’t come from the real world.

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Looks like Karina was born to debut with AESPA. In fact, Karina’s charming visuals fit perfectly with the concept that AESPA carries, which is about futuristic, metaverseand character ae.

Meanwhile, AESPA is currently preparing for their second mini album comeback titled ‘Girls’ which will be released on July 8, 2022.