October 1, 2022


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Bae Suzy and Kim Jun Han Stuck in a Loveless Marriage in Korean Drama ‘Anna’

Coupang Play’s latest Korean drama ‘Anna’, played by Bae Suzy is increasingly attracting the attention of the audience with spoilers for the series of stories that will be presented in it.

Quote from soompi on Wednesday (15/6/2022), the latest Korean drama ‘Anna’ again shared a number of still cuts scenes from the play. This time, featuring a loveless wedding photo between Bae Suzy and Kim Jun Han, an ambitious man.

The Korean drama ‘Anna’ tells the story of a woman named Yoo Mi (played by Bae Suzy), who creates a small lie, and ends up living her life as someone else.

Kim Jun Han will take on the role of Ji Hoon, a man who became the CEO of a company at a fairly young age. Ji Hoon is very ambitious and always puts his goals first. He decides to marry Anna (actually Yoo Mi) even though he doesn’t love her because he thinks Anna has the same personality as him.

In the latest uploaded photo, this drama features Anna and Ji Hoon’s wedding spoilers. The two seem like a luxurious couple with the perfect life. However, there is no feeling of love between the two.

It was very obvious that Anna did not look happy when she was with her husband, inviting a high curiosity about how their married life would go in the future.

Kim Jun Han gave a response, “I thought a lot about how to express the ironic and enigmatic aspects of Ji Hoon’s figure in a three-dimensional version..”

Regarding his co-star, Bae Suzy, Kim Jun Han shared his feelings when acting with her.

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We have great teamwork. We talked about many things before filming started, and even when we were filming, we kept talking about many things, and enjoyed filming together..”

Previously, Coupang Play has also shared a number of photos still cuts Anna’s profile which has a variety of different characters. Suzy displays a variety of contradictory expressions according to the character or name she wants to take over.

Meanwhile ‘Anna’ will premiere on June 24, 2022, at 20.00 KST at Coupang Play station.