October 1, 2022


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Away from the Highway, Residents Gotong Royong Transport Sand to Repair Houses

The culture of gotong royong is still very strong in most Indonesian people. The villagers who appear in the following viral video are no exception.

The video from the TikTok account @linjamfigure was then re-shared to Instagram social media, one of which was the @underc0ver.id account.

“Gotong royong in Indonesia deserves thumbs up,” write the @underc0ver.id account as a description of the uploaded video.

In the video footage, it can be seen that mothers, fathers, and children work hand in hand to transport sand with simple equipment.

It was later discovered that this was done to assist in the process of repairing the house of a resident who received the Social Rehabilitation Program for Uninhabitable Houses (RS-RTLH) who lived in Salebu Village, Mangunreja, Tasikmalaya.

Because the location of the house is far from the highway and difficult to reach by vehicles, local residents are kind enough to directly help and work together to transport sand as material for repairing houses from the side of the main road to the houses of the beneficiaries.

There was no expression of compulsion on the faces of the residents, they actually seemed happy to help their neighbors who received assistance to repair the house.

Villagers’ Gotong Royong Action

Residents Gotong Royong Transport Sand to Repair Houses (Instagram/@underc0ver.id)

Shortly after being uploaded, the viral video showing the mutual cooperation activities carried out by the villagers immediately stole the attention of netizens on social media. They also seem to leave a variety of positive comments on this video upload.

“Always in good health, good people,” commented one netizen.

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“Number 1 when it comes to mutual cooperation in Indonesia,” another said.

“This is the real face of Indonesia,” another netizen said.

“This, the true definition of gotong royong, needs to be really appreciated,” another netizen said.

“This is Indonesian culture,” added another.

In addition, there are also some netizens who reveal that this mutual cooperation culture is unfortunately now almost disappearing in some areas.

“Those who are starting to disappear from civilization,” said a netizen.

“In my area almost extinct like this,” said another.

Until this article was compiled, the viral video of residents working together to transport sand to repair this house has managed to get thousands likes from netizens on Instagram.