October 6, 2022


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Avoid these 3 foods when you drink coffee, meat is one of them!

Lately, coffee is very popular and many are chosen to accompany it when relaxing, at work, or while enjoying the atmosphere at home. However, you must pay attention to food consumption when you are drinking coffee. You should not carelessly drink coffee and certain foods at the same time, because it is not good for the body.

There are foods and drinks that you should avoid while drinking coffee. If you want to know what foods and drinks to avoid, check out this review, come on!

1. Milk

milk illustration (pexels.com/Hamza Khalid)

Lately, many people drink coffee with a mixture of milk during the day so they don’t feel too tired during their activities. Milk can suppress hunger, while coffee can suppress sleepiness, so the two seem to be the perfect combination.

However, it turns out that you can’t mix the two at the same time. Quoted by Voi, coffee can have an effect on calcium absorption which makes more calcium wasted through urine.

2. Meat

meat illustration (pexels.com/Malidate Van)
meat illustration (pexels.com/Malidate Van)

Next there is meat as a food that you need to avoid while drinking coffee. This is because coffee contains tennates that form bonds with several minerals in food.

So when you drink coffee, the zinc or zinc in the body will be absorbed by the coffee. Therefore, you need to avoid drinking coffee after eating foods that contain zinc, such as some nuts, oysters, and others.

Quoted by Venison Cache, the right drink after eating meat, especially beef, is watermelon juice, green tea, and lemon juice.

potato illustration (pexels.com/Marco Fischer)
potato illustration (pexels.com/Marco Fischer)

Who doesn’t like to relax eating fried food and a cup of hot coffee in the morning? It must be done by many people. However, it turns out that these fried foods you need to avoid when drinking coffee, you know.

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Because fried foods tend to be high in bad fats and cholesterol. Meanwhile, when consumed with coffee, it is possible to increase bad cholesterol levels in your body. Quoted coffee for lesscoffee can be consumed with foods such as berries, coffee cake, and toast.

Coffee is often a delicious drink to be consumed with a combination of other foods, but it turns out that some of the foods we often eat with coffee are not good for the body.

Well, from now on you can look for other food choices to accompany your coffee sipping time, which is safer for the body, right!