September 26, 2022

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At first it was sincere that the husband married again, this woman ended up being upset because the second wife refused to share her husband

The story of a husband remarrying and ending with a feud between wives, is viral on social media. Recently, there was a video of a woman who was sincere and let her husband remarry.

The video was in the spotlight, after being re-uploaded by the @mintulgemintul account on the Instagram social media network.

Viral Husband Married Again

In the video, the woman who became the first wife can be seen wearing a yellow t-shirt and a jeans jacket. The woman grumbled to the second wife because she felt unappreciated.

“I let you marry my husband. As long as you respect me!” said the woman’s first wife, quoted on Thursday (22/09/2022).

Then, the woman also admitted that she was annoyed that the second wife seemed to snatch her husband and refused to share a partner.

“I told him. 2 days with you (second wife), 2 days with me he doesn’t want to. He wants my husband to be with him every night with him,” explained the woman.

Even more upset, the woman was furious because the second wife seemed not to understand her husband’s condition. Because, the husband works all day from 7 am to 10 pm. However, the second wife had asked her husband to come to her house at 11 pm.

Meanwhile, the second wife seemed to be speechless. He seemed unmoved when he heard the woman’s explanation.

The show was immediately crowded until it was flooded with various responses in the comments column. Most netizens asked the woman to let go of her husband.

Netizens Comment

The first wife was furious the second wife did not want to appreciate it. (Instagram/mintulgemintul)

“Yes, ma’am, a model man like that, just give everything, what do you do with the half,” said the warganet on the @loll*** account.

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“It’s better to just let it go, Ms. Ma’am, she is beautiful. Her husband is like a month’s wallet. Don’t trust a man and his mistress, already,” connect the account owner @cindy***.

“It’s better to get a divorce, it’s hard, isn’t it?” said @kimy***.

“Divorce, I swear, it’s better to divorce,” @alif **** account owner comment.

“Again, the first wife is cute and smack-dwelling,” said @vivi***.

As of this writing, the post has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. See the full video, click here! (AUTHOR/Sekar Anindyah Lamase)