September 27, 2022

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Asked by Hengky Kurniawan about the benefits of an ID card, this student gave an unexpected answer

Recently, a video circulated showing the actions of a high school student who gave an unexpected answer when he was asked a question about the benefits of an ID card by Hengky Kurniawan.

This viral video was shared directly by the actor who now serves as the Acting Regent of West Bandung through his personal Instagram account @hengkykurniawan.

The moment occurred when Hengky Kurniawan was visiting a high school in Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency to carry out an E-KTP recording ball pick-up activity.

In the video recording, Hengky Kurniawan is seen standing in front of the students while talking using microphones.

Hengky Kurniawan then pointed to one of the students who looked so excited when he raised his hand. Hengky then said, “Come on, use an ID card.”

The student then mentioned the answers according to what she knew, ranging from the use of the ID card used to go abroad to the use for college purposes.

Responding to his answer, the Acting Regent of West Bandung again asked, “For marriage? For marriage too?”

“Yes, for marriage,” said the high school student.

“Do you want to get married too?” asked Hengky Kurniawan once again.

“No,” replied the student.

“Oh, not yet,” said Hengky Kurniawan in response.

However, the girl quickly changed her mind and gave another answer that was so unexpected.

He said, “I want to be with you.”

The answer immediately invites laughter from the people around him. Hengky Kurniawan also seemed to laugh and then looked back at his wife saying, “Mother…”

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His wife, Sonya Fatmala, who was sitting on the sofa also seemed unable to contain her laughter.

Netizen Response

A student gave an unexpected answer when asked by Hengky Kurniawan about the benefits of an ID card (Instagram/@henkykurniawan)

Not even a day since it was first uploaded to Instagram, this viral video has been watched by more than 800 thousand views.

Not only that, the video also managed to get tens of thousands likes and reaped various responses from netizens who watched.

“Mom, just smile” said a netizen.

“Beautiful and brave in front of his wife bestie,” said another.

“The regent is cute, diverting the world,” other comments.

“Who is this student please?” said another.

“So the official’s wife is not as pleasant and beautiful as you imagine, adeee,” added another netizen.