October 6, 2022


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Asked about his opinion on the shaman, the younger brother of the shaman union lawyer gave a striking answer

The feud between the red magician and the Indonesian shaman union has become a hot conversation on social media. The lawyer for the Indonesian Hypnotherapy and Shaman Association, Firdaus Oiwobo, did not escape the public spotlight.

Recently, there was a video about the opinion of Firdaus Oiwobo’s younger brother when he was asked his opinion about shamans by this lawyer from the Indonesian Hypnotherapy and Shaman Association. The viral video recorded by Firdaus Oiwobo was re-uploaded by the social media account Instagram again.viral.

Video footage shows Firdaus Oiwobo and his younger brother having dinner at a warung. Firdaus Oiwobo opened the conversation by asking his younger brother what he thought about the shaman.

Firdaus Oiwobo’s younger brother gave a striking answer to his brother. His younger brother, who is now working as an ojol driver, said that he believed in the unseen things which he had to accept as a Muslim.

However, he did not justify the case of the practice of shamanism.

“The shaman has things that are unseen, taught by Islam, it must be obligatory for the unseen. But for us to lead to shamanism, if possible, don’t, if possible, don’t practice shamanism,” said Firdaus Oiwobo’s younger brother as quoted by Yoursay.id, Wednesday (31/08). /2022).

The lawyer for the Indonesian Association of Hypnotherapy and Shamans asked for an explanation from his younger brother about him not condoning the practice of shamanism.

“You can’t, it can’t be forbidden by religion. During the jahiliyah era, why was religion sent down by God in the Arabian peninsula? Because at that time the mystical level of shamanism was too rampant, so stupidity was too rampant.

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“So the people on the shamanic path are stupid, then?” asked Firdaus Oiwobo.

The Answer Striking the Siblings

A striking answer from Firdaus Oiwobo’s younger brother. (Instagram/again.viral)

The younger brother gave a striking answer once again firmly to his brother’s question.

“Yes, yes, it’s the same as going back to the era of ignorance, dong. Religion has been passed down to find the right way, how do you run to a shaman instead?” the answer stabbed the younger brother.

Firdaus was still dissatisfied with his brother’s answer. The lawyer for the Indonesian Association of Hypnotherapy and Shamans again denied that the practice of shamanism is now different because it is modern.

However, the younger brother, who graduated from Mercu Buana University with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, still said that until the Day of Judgment his name was still a shaman, he could not be contested. Suddenly, a striking answer from Firdaus Oiwobo’s younger brother flooded with netizens’ support.

“Masha Allah, his sister’s answer is very wise,” compliments from netizens.

“That insinuation, aren’t you ashamed that your sister is smarter than you,” said another.

“Aliman, his brother, sneered directly in front of his brother, very polite,” another said.

“Fix his sister is smarter and straighter,” other netizens’ comments.