August 8, 2022

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Arrested Due to Suspected Nyuri, This Man’s Defense to the Police Makes You Laugh

When caught stealing, someone will do their best to defend himself. The defense is done in order to escape the snares of punishment.

Recently, there has been a video on social media of a man defending himself on charges of stealing which actually made me laugh out loud. The video showing the moment was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account.

“His comedic talent showed up at the right time,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Sunday (31/07/2022).

Video footage shows a man wearing a blue T-shirt being arrested by police. The man was arrested by the police on suspicion of committing the crime of theft.

This man was escorted by the police in a car to be taken to the office. He was brought to the office in handcuffs.

On the way to the office to be precise in the car, the man defended himself. He denied having stolen the goat.

“I just stole the rope, sir, it’s only three meters, sir. Only in my rice field, sir,” said the man suspected of committing the theft.

“Your people steal goats,” said the policeman.

“Rope sir,” said the man.

Defending Yourself Just Nyuri Rope

Defending yourself is not stealing a goat but a rope. (Instagram/laughs)

The defense made by this man was immediately refuted by the police.

“But the rope has a goat,” said the policeman.

“When I pulled the goat with me,” said the man.

“That’s called stealing goats, not stealing ropes,” said the policeman.

“I just took the rope, sir, I didn’t know there was a goat,” said this man.

The policeman asked the man to explain at the police station. Just uploaded a few hours ago, the video has already garnered 447 thousand views on reels and 20 thousand likes.

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The comment column for uploading a video of the man’s defense in front of the police who arrested him drew various responses from netizens.

“It’s funny at that age,” a netizen commented.

“It’s the goat’s fault, why do you follow it?” said another.

“His intention was to take the rope, instead he got a goat. A reasonable explanation,” other responses.

“Yesterday, I just unplugged the cable, I didn’t know it was connected to a computer, sir,” said another netizen.