August 14, 2022

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Are You Sure You’re Really In Love? Make sure first these 4 signs exist

Sometimes people judge attraction by love. In fact, the meaning of love is deeper than that. Relationships that are only based on attraction are usually temporary compared to relationships that are really based on feelings of love.

So that you don’t misinterpret feelings, here are some signs of people who are truly in love. Make sure you feel this, okay?

1. Don’t demand it to be perfect

The difference between being attracted to or really in love is in the presence of acceptance. If you’re just interested, you’ll be easily disappointed when you find your crush or partner doesn’t live up to expectations.

Meanwhile, if your feelings are love, you don’t demand it to be perfect. The shortcomings that he has are part of his uniqueness, so you can accept it as it is. After all, if you think about it, you’re not perfect either, right?

2. Not selfish

Another characteristic of being truly in love is being selfless. There is a willingness to make sacrifices to see the person you love happy.

Therefore, if your partner or even you yourself are very selfish, it means that love is questionable. People who really love will not demand everything always according to his will. Can compromise!

3. Let it go free

People who really love will certainly try to do the best for their partner. Or something that makes him happy. One of them, by letting it go free.

Even though they are in pairs, you don’t demand that they are always alone. He also needs space for expression, right? Because of that, you don’t mind if he still often goes out with friends, or does other activities. In fact, these conditions make your relationship so unsaturated.

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4. Always be honest

Have you always lied with him? Because you don’t want your image to be bad, you try to show your best side, even if you have to lie. If so, then you haven’t really fallen in love.

People who fall in love will realize that a love relationship will only work well if there is honesty in it. So, it’s not right to lie to your partner or crush.

Love takes a strong commitment to be able to maintain it. In contrast to mere attraction, which is often easy to separate when there are problems. So are you really in love?