August 14, 2022

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Are you sure your romance is healthy? Make sure you don’t experience these 4 characteristics of a toxic relationship

Sometimes what you think is okay is not like that, you know, in fact. So is love life.

What you think is normal may not actually be tolerable behavior. What you think is right, may actually be wrong if you are able to judge it without ordinary love.

Therefore, to ensure that your relationship is healthy, you should identify some of the characteristics of a toxic relationship, and check again whether it has been in your relationship so far. Let’s see.

1. Often throws sarcastic sentences

A healthy relationship can be seen from how the couple communicates, whether it is healthy or not. Problematic communication can be a sign if the love relationship that is being lived is not as beautiful as imagined so far.

One of them is often uttering sarcastic sentences which, if you want to be honest, actually hurt your heart when done by the person you love. This behavior is toxic, you know, because if your partner really loves you, you shouldn’t try to hurt them, even through words.

2. Often lie

The next characteristic of an unhealthy relationship, is often lying. This is done by your partner, as well as by yourself.

An example of a lie committed by yourself, which is saying it’s okay when in fact it hurts with his behavior. This lie indicates that you are actually not comfortable, you know, in a relationship with him.

3. Often give up

Giving up is necessary to maintain a long-lasting love relationship. However, if this is only done by one party, it is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

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If you often give in, and he always wins, it could be a sign that he is a selfish partner and doesn’t care about your feelings. A healthy love relationship shouldn’t be like that. Should be able to compromise with each other.

4. Often control

With whom you are friends, where you want to go is always arranged by him. This behavior is not normal, you know, and is a sign of a toxic relationship. For that, you must immediately realize that your life is actually being controlled by him.

Those were some of the signs commonly found in toxic relationships. Have you experienced anything? If so, it means that your relationship is not as beautiful as you think so far. You should immediately accept the situation that actually your love relationship is not healthy.