October 1, 2022


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Are you often jealous of other people’s lives? Try These 4 Tips to Overcome It

Everyone has dreams and desires to live comfortably. That’s why when you see someone else who already has it, jealousy arises, which if not taken care of can cause feelings of envy, not willing to see it happy.

Do you often feel jealous when you see other people’s lives that seem so perfect as if there were never any problems? Be careful, you know, this can disturb your mentality to be low in self-esteem or stress.

To overcome the frequent feeling of envy in the lives of others, here will be discussed some tips. Let’s see!

1. Take pleasure in the achievements of others

If you see other people succeed, don’t mess around. Try to be happy, because when you are successful, of course you want other people to be happy too, right?

A positive attitude is happy to see other people’s lives are better, in addition to maintaining your interpersonal relationships, it also gives him the opportunity to like you and give various suggestions so that you can follow the same path as him to achieve success. Profitable, right?

2. Upgrade skills

Often people do not see the various efforts that a person must go through to achieve success. The only thing that matters is the success of it. Though it could be that the person had to struggle through a steep road to reach his current position.

So, instead of being jealous, it’s better to improve skills self. With the ability that is increasingly honed and increases from day to day, it can be a provision in facing various obstacles.

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3. Avoid the triggers

Think about it again, usually that feeling of envy arises at any moment? For example, after you see the uploads of friends who are already established with their lives.

It would be better if you limit yourself first to access social media. Just focus your attention on your own development.

4. Writing in a journal

The next tip to overcome jealousy towards others, namely by writing in a journal. Write down positive things that you can enjoy every day. Writing a gratitude journal like that can help you be more positive, and not be jealous of anyone’s life, you know, because you’ve had enough.

Hopefully the tips presented earlier can be useful in overcoming envy, yes!