October 1, 2022


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Are You a Bad Parent? Immediately Check 3 Signs!

Maybe some of you protest, where there are bad parents against their children. Logically, it seems impossible for parents to be evil with their own flesh and blood.

But, the reality is that sometimes parents do bad things without realizing it. This happens through various behaviors that are often considered good, but actually have a bad impact on children.

So, how do you know what kind of parents are bad for their children? The following will be discussed further. Read on, yes!

1. Giving children responsibilities is not appropriate for their age

One of the bad behavior of parents towards children can occur by giving children responsibilities beyond their age. For example, parents ask their children to find solutions to financial problems that are being experienced by the family.

Maybe the intention is good, so that the children don’t just snack. However, that way is not good. Giving children responsibilities that are not in accordance with their age can burden the child’s mentality, you know.

Another example of giving undue responsibilities, is telling children to take care of their younger siblings. In fact, his own brother was still small. It was his sister’s turn to be injured, after her brother was blamed and yelled at. Duh, what a child’s name can be charged with adult responsibilities like that?

2. Blaming the child for things that are not his fault

The next form of bad parenting behavior, is blaming children for things that are not their fault. For example, children are scolded when they ask for tuition money. Because of children, parents are confused about paying for school.

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Providing a proper education is the duty of parents, you know. Children never ask to be born. For this reason, as a responsible parent, you must carry out your duties properly, one of which is ensuring that your child gets an education, including completing his/her school fees or tuition.

3. Embarrassing the child

How do you feel when other people humiliate you? It’s definitely going to hurt, isn’t it? Sometimes parents see their children as creatures who do not understand anything. In fact, they have been able to feel emotions since childhood, you know.

Therefore, children will be hurt when their parents humiliate them. For example, scolding and yelling at him in front of many people. Such behavior is tantamount to destroying a child’s self-esteem, you know.

Those are some examples of bad parental behavior which is bad for children. Hopefully with the explanation earlier it can make parents aware not to do it again, OK!