December 6, 2022

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Apply these 4 things so that your life doesn’t go down because of other people’s comments

Who still often feels down after hearing the words or comments of others? Sometimes, we feel unsuccessful, feel left behind, and feel always lacking after hearing what other people have to say. Often we feel worried because of what other people say, so we don’t dare to start something new.

We can reduce hearing negative words from other people. We don’t have to take everything from what other people say. It doesn’t mean that we become people who don’t accept criticism or suggestions at all. However, we need filter to sort out which suggestions and criticisms are constructive and which are just meant to bring down.

Excerpted from the book best seller by Mark Manson entitled An Art to Be Stupidly Stupid, the following are some things we can do and apply to better sort out the words of others.

1. Understand the control zone

There are some things in this world that we can control and some things we can’t control. Don’t worry too much about things that are beyond our control, such as what other people think about us or what we have done.

Focus on what we can and need to do. The things that we can control are more important to get our attention than to keep thinking about something that is not in our capacity.

2. Focus on the important things

There are so many things that are not important but take up most of our time and thoughts. For example, comments and insults from other people. Even though we know that no matter how hard we think about it, nothing will change.

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From now on, try to ignore such things. It’s not easy, but we can do it if we keep practicing and getting used to it. Try to make a list of priorities yourself so that we can focus more on the important things.

3. We have the right to be happy

When we look at the achievements of others, we tend to compare ourselves with that person. In the end we become insecure and not confident. We need to remember that we also have the right to live happily. Reduce comparing yourself to others.

There is no fixed standard of happiness. We alone can determine whether we are happy or not with what we currently have. Everyone has starting point and line finish different ones.

4. All is well

If we can stop ourselves from focusing on other people’s comments and sayings, and only follow constructive suggestions, everything will work out fine. How to? Upgrade self-awareness.

We must be more aware and understand ourselves, know what we want and need. Thus, we will not depend on the comments and words of others.

Those are four things you can do to better sort out other people’s words and it’s not easy down just like that. We can’t live without other people’s comments, but we can make our own choices and reactions.