September 27, 2022

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Apply the Two Minute Rule, Here’s How To Effectively Form New Habits

Habits are human behavior that is carried out on the impulse of conscience and is manifested in the form of action, and is repeated every day in the same way. Habits that are done every day will gradually become automatic, and they tend to feel worried if they don’t do the habit once. At this point the author is discussing good habits.

Habits can basically be created because something looks interesting and produces satisfaction after doing it. For example, after work you are used to stopping at a coffee shop and sitting for a while while listening to your favorite songs play. Because you feel tired after a long day at work, stopping at a coffee shop looks interesting and produces a satisfaction, that is, you feel relaxed.

Or the simplest example, when you wake up you are used to making the bed first, then going to the bathroom. The interesting thing you see is that your bed looks neat, and the satisfaction you get is that you can immediately use it when your body feels tired.

However, building a good habit also has its challenges. Moreover, if you are going to do this good habit and intend to make it something that is automatically done like an old habit that you don’t need to think about immediately. In other words, you want to stack the new habit on top of the old one through a small change.

This is in accordance with the method described by James Clear in his book entitled Atomic Habit.

Clear reveals how a small change can change a long-established lifestyle with 4 simple steps as follows:

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1. Make It Visible

2. Make It Interesting

3. Make it Easy

4. Make it Satisfying

These four steps can be realized in just two minutes. For example, you want to make a new habit of writing a diary before going to bed, the interesting thing that you feel is that you can tell about what has happened today in the diary, the satisfaction you get is that you feel relieved.

Get into this new habit with these 4 steps combined with the following Two Minute Rule;

Two Minute Rule

In creating a new habit without the right method, it will last only 1 week at most 1 month. After that you are lazy to do that new habit and decide not to do it again because you feel you haven’t reached the point of automation.

If you’re in that position, try doing it this way:

In the first week do the new habit every day but only for two minutes. You can use a stopwatch to know when it’s time to finish. And if it’s been two minutes even though you’re having fun writing, stop immediately, close the writing page and open another page, or you can just close the laptop and go to sleep.

Why Only Two Minutes?

Two minutes is the best time for someone to start a new habit, because if it takes up to sixty minutes it will become a burden and you will be lazy to do it. It’s better to be consistent with a little time, than with a long time but only last a little.

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If the first week is successful, in the following week you can increase the duration to a higher level, for example 15 minutes or 20 minutes. In order to achieve productivity do it gradually. Even though in one day you only write one paragraph, it is important that you write consistently.

Two Minutes is a small change but has a significant impact. This time will help you make new habits easily. Habits in Two Minutes that seem meaningless, but provide good benefits if used properly.