October 1, 2022


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Appearing on Chinese TV Programs, Jessica Jung, ex-SNSD, becomes a hot topic in Korea

Former member of the girl group Girls’ Generation, Jessica Jung, is currently participating in an idol competition on a TV program in China entitled ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’.

Quote from Allkpopon Saturday (18/6/2022), Jessica succeeded in becoming a hot conversation among South Korean netizens after she uploaded photos of her appearance at the idol competition event in China ‘Sisters Who Make Waves’.

On June 17, 2022, Jessica uploaded some photos still cuts from the program ‘Sister Who Make Waves, season 3’. The program is a competition program where female artists will compete for talent to re-debut as a girl group.

In the photo she uploaded, Jessica shows her charming and sensual visual on stage with a red light background that makes her appearance even more charismatic.

Jessica was also seen wearing a black suit, showing off her well-proportioned figure, and her fresh and modern style successfully caught the attention of fans.

Jessica, who is currently participating in a competition in China, continues to be a hot topic of conversation among Korean netizens through photo updates of her appearance on stage.

Here are the comments of netizens responding to Jessica’s appearance on the idol competition program in China.

Jessica looks prettier,” wrote one netizen.

She is so charming, I love you forever. Jessica, sexy, beautiful and talented,‘ added another.

If you look at Jessica’s appearance at the idol competition event, Jessica stands out the most from the other contestants. I don’t know if taking part in a competition like this is the right thing? Jessica already has her own color as a solo singer.”

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The show ‘Sisters Who Make Moves’ has 6 billion viewers in each season. And for season 3 this time the number of viewers increased. Jessica was ranked 1st in the latest episode yesterday. This show is unlike any other idol competition that wants its contestants to be popular. They all have names before joining this program.”

And there are many more comments praising Jessica’s cool appearance on stage. What do you think about Jessica’s return to the idol competition show ‘Sister Who Makes Waves’?