August 8, 2022

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Apologies, Kim Sae Ron Visits the Place Affected by the Accident

Kim Sae Ron visits a shopping mall that was affected by her drunk driving accident. Adapt KBIZoom on (24/6/2022), according to confirmation from YTN Star on June 23, 2022, he apologized and completed most of the compensation. Some of the financially damaged buildings have been compensated.

Previously on the 18th of last month, Kim Sae Ron was caught hitting a guardrail and a road tree while driving in Cheondam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul more than three times. Kim Sae Ron also hit an electric transformer on the road, causing an uncomfortable situation where the electricity in the area was cut off. In particular, merchants in nearby buildings were unable to operate their shops properly and ended up incurring financial losses due to power cuts throughout the morning.

Gold Medalist – Kim Sae Ron’s agency, then released their position, “Compensation for accidental damage is being worked out as much as possible. We will do our best to fulfill our responsibility to the end”.

Then, Kim Sae Ron reportedly showed her active attitude by visiting officials in buildings affected by drunk driving accidents and discussing compensation. He also paid for the replacement of the transformer and worked hard on post-processing.

At that time, Kim Sae Ron apologized on her SNS, saying “I have made a big mistake under the influence of alcohol”, adding, “Because of my wrong judgment and actions, I have caused damage to too many people, including merchants, citizens, and those who recovered the damage, etc. I should have been more careful and responsible. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone”.

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In addition, Kim Sae Ron recently appeared in “Kiss Sixth Sense” in episode 9. Although appearing for a short duration, it was enough to break the audience’s appreciation for the drama, remembering the drunk driving controversy that Kim Sae Ron did last month. .

Meanwhile, Kim Sae Rom was born in 2000 who started being active in the entertainment world as a child actress. Until now, Kim Sae Ron has starred in the dramas “The Queen’s Classroom 2013”, “Secret Healer 2016”, “Hi! School: Love On 2014”, “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim 2021”.