August 8, 2022

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Anti-Fail! Here are 5 Tips for Your First Date

You have to be able to make the best impression on the first date because the first date can be the deciding factor for your next date. Especially if you have never had experience. You need to know some tips and input so that your first date goes smoothly.

Here are five tips for your first date to be successful and not fail.

1. Choose the Right Dating Location

You can choose a place that suits your date or partner. Maybe you can ask him first, what kind of place he likes. You also have to adapt. Do not let you choose a place that is not comfortable for you. Try a date place that is liked by you and your date.

2. Prepare Interesting Chat

If you are a quiet person, this might be a problem. But there’s no need to worry because you can make preparations and practice before dating. You have to do research first from your partner. Think about what kind of conversation he likes and doesn’t like.

You can tell from his favorite things or hobbies he does. Also make sure you have spare material or chat topics for when your partner looks bored.

3. Learn from the Past

Maybe you’ve had dating experience before. Well, you can take advantage of experiences from the past to learn on a current date so that the mistakes you made before don’t happen again.

If you’ve never dated before, maybe you can ask a friend who has experience. Use yourself and those around you to get information about a good date.

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4. Appearance Number One

What he saw first was you. So, prepare yourself well. You have to know how to look good. Don’t let your appearance look bad in his eyes.

You can wear comfortable clothes and if your date likes it too. But there’s no need to force it if you don’t like some of the clothes your partner likes.

Ask a friend or person closest to you to help you prepare clothes that suit the place and your date. Maybe you can also ask your partner to have a similar appearance.

5. Pay Attention to Body Language

As long as you talk to him, your body language style also needs to be considered. Do not let you look stiff and make him think that you are not comfortable. Try to look relaxed and relaxed.

You can look him in the eye when you talk and show a faint smile. You don’t need to hesitate, make yourself confident when you date him for the first time.

Those are the tips that can be given to you on a first date. Hopefully the above information can help you in making a successful date with your partner, yes!