May 30, 2023

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Annoyed that she had to demolish her neighbor’s house because she didn’t want her land to be touched for parking, this woman was bombarded with ridicule

Living side by side with neighbors sometimes sparks problems. No exception regarding the parking lot, often between neighbors involved in conflict.

Recently, a video has been buzzing about on social media from a woman who is upset because her neighbors don’t want her land to be touched for parking. The woman posted her story on TikTok and re-uploaded the bundsthetic Instagram account.

“Because the neighbors didn’t want the land to be bumped a bit, the house was finally demolished so that there would be parking space,” reads the caption in the video as quoted by, Friday (14/10/2022).

The woman shows the front of her house being demolished. He dismantled the living room door frame.

The woman said she needed more parking space so she wouldn’t bump into the neighbor’s land. He is lazy when he has to make a fuss with his neighbors because his vehicle bumps into the neighbor’s land.

“I had to move the door frame backwards so that if I parked it didn’t bump into the next door neighbor. I’m lazy to make a fuss, I’d better give in,” said the woman.

This woman is bombarded with ridicule

Upset having to demolish the house. (Instagram/bundsthetic)

This woman shows the door frame of the living room of her house back a few centimeters. He felt that the neighbor whose land did not want to be touched was overreacting.

According to him, he only nudged a neighbor’s land with a distance of four fingers.

“It’s a pain where it only hits 4 fingers but thank God the other neighbors are all good, it’s just that it’s really stingy,” he said.

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However, instead of getting sympathy, the woman was bombarded with scorn from netizens. According to netizens, this woman should be aware of preparing her own parking space without bumping into the neighbor’s land.

“Indeed, if you want to buy a vehicle, you must have a place, not if the road is made into parking,” commented the netizen.

“That’s not giving up, but it should be so inconsequential to distinguish between rights and obligations,” continued another.

“Yes, it’s now 4 fingers bumped. After a long time the comfort becomes 1 meter, because of personal experience,” another opinion.

“Wow, my land is scattered, you only have a plot to buy a car, Sukurin,” said another netizen.