October 1, 2022


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Announce NCT 127’s Concert Schedule Suddenly, SM Entertainment Receives Criticism from Fans

SM Entertainment drew criticism from NCT 127 fans for being considered less professional in arranging the schedule for NCT 127’s second world tour.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Tuesday (14/6/2022), party One Production SG recently announced that NCT 127 will be visiting Singapore to hold the ‘Neo City: Singapore – The Link’ concert on July 2.

One Production Singaura also announced the ticket sales schedule and prices which will start on Tuesday (14/6/2022).

Although fans were happy with the news of NCT 127’s arrival to Singapore for their world tour concert, many also regretted the lack of information, and the announcement that was too sudden.

The NCTzens in Southeast Asia also expressed their disappointment with SM Entertainment which was considered less professional in arranging the schedule for the NCT 127 world tour.

Even though the world tour concert ‘Neo City: The Link’ has been announced since 2021. However, until now SM has not issued an official schedule for which countries will be visited by NCT ​​127.

Generally, the world tour schedule will be shared within a few months before the concert series begins. However, fans in Southeast Asia feel they are under-priorised.

Fans concluded that SM Entertainment will share concert schedules in Japan, America, and Europe at least a few weeks before ticket sales open, but concert schedules and ticket sales for countries in Southeast Asia are the exact opposite.

For example, for the concert schedule ‘Neo City: Singapore – The Link’, the organization announced the schedule for organizing and selling tickets one day before ticket sales officially opened.

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This of course makes fans confused, especially those from outside the country where the concert is taking place who want to watch the concert have not even had time to plan a trip to the country of the concert destination.

Not only that, the limited number of concert days, which is only one day, makes fans feel anxious that they will not get tickets because of the very high interest among fans.

They regret the decision, considering that Japan has priority for up to two days of concerts at the same place. In addition, they also complained to SM, who did not immediately announce the concert schedule, and instead the organizers did it.

This makes NCTzen even more frustrated about the poor management of the agency’s world tour schedule for NCT 127, because until now NCT 127 has not issued an official schedule for which countries they will visit for their second world tour ‘Neo City: The Link.’