December 6, 2022

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Analysis of why Robert Lewandowski is so wanted by Barcelona

Again and again, why Robert Lewandowski is so highly coveted by Barcelona, ​​is an interesting discussion to explore.

Simply put, why doesn’t Barcelona’s class find a truly talented striker other than Lewandowski? In fact, if you want to be an option, there is Cavani. The Manchester United striker, his contract will soon expire with the Red Devils. If Barcelona really need energy on the front lines, Cavani could be targeted at this time.

Not only Cavani. Luis Suarez can also be an additional vitamin for the Blaugrana in the attacking sector. In fact, it is clear that the former Uruguayan soldier has taken off from Atletico Madrid. It could be, if Barcelona wanted, he could land it back into Xavi’s lap. Even so, the quality, technique and performance of Luis Suarez, is also quite good. Look, how when Barcelona became the master’s weapon.

I mean, Luis Suarez when he was a Barcelona player, he was really a tandem up front. The sharpness, you know, is no joke. Practically, it was evident when Luis Suarez was transferred to Atletico Madrid. As a result, he is fertile, he always scores goals. In fact, thanks to Suarez, both his goals and contributions, Diego Simeone’s care was able to come out as La Liga champions for the 2020 season. How hurt did Barcelona feel?

Besides Suarez, of course there is also the Spanish national team bomber, Alvaro Morata. Indeed, Morata is not circulating for sale. However, if Barcelona are interested despite their low financial condition, Morata could be an option. That is, why the money they offered to Lewandowski was not tried to seduce the players I have mentioned above. Perhaps there is a miracle. And the quality of the players, not just players, really. They win the mainstay of the team they defend. That is what I mean.

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Memphis Depay, is a player often plotted by Xavi as a winger. However, on the other hand, Xavi sometimes put him as a striker. It is in the form of a 4,3,3 formation. In the form of a 3,5,2 formation, Depay also often accompanies Luuk de Jong at the striker post.

Why not just extend Luuk de Jong? In fact, he was a regular at Barcelona when the Blaugrana were critical on the pitch. You see, explore more. How many goals have been packed in the last minute to save Barcelona from defeat.

Why Lewandowski? Indeed, Lewandowski himself, wanted to play for Barca. However, the arrival of Sadio Mane did not mean that Lewandowski had to leave. This is a really difficult situation.

If you look at why Barcelona are so interested in Lewandowski, because he is the mainstay and superstar of Bayern Munich. Perhaps Barcelona consider him Lewandowski is a typical striker who is better than the players above.