August 8, 2022

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Always Looking Cheerful, Lai Meiyun Turns Out To Be Depressed

Becoming a star may be the dream of many people. However, the process is actually not as easy as imagined. If you only rely on scandal to gain instant popularity, this popularity will not last long. To survive in the entertainment industry, one has to go through a lot in front of and behind the scenes.

Among the 11 members who debuted in girl group arable Produce 101 China, namely Rocket Girls 101, Lai Meiyun is one of the standouts. He officially debuted after ranking sixth in the last episode. Some people think that Lai Meiyun’s life must be very happy because her dream of becoming a member of Rocket Girls 101 is fulfilled.

However, Lai Meiyun who is known to be cheerful and often spreads positive energy to those around her has actually suffered from depression. He shared his experience in an interview after debuting as a member of Rocket Girls 101, as reported by Sohu.

In the interview, Lai Meiyun talked about her dark times. He admitted that he had always behaved well before and had never caused any trouble. Whatever happens, he prefers to keep it to himself in his heart, then digest it one by one.

However, after debuting, he received too much pressure and sudden public opinion. He finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. His emotions slowly grew out of control. His physical condition gradually deteriorated. Lai Meiyun even felt that she just wanted to hide in her own little world, avoiding everyone.

Lai Meiyun received a lot of criticism after debuting. Some people say that he is not suitable to debut as a member girl group. If only one person said it, maybe the pain would be nothing to him.

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However, this statement did not only come from one person. This made him feel panicked and doubted himself. There was even a professional director who said the same thing. Facing the same rejection and criticism over and over again, Lai Meiyun felt herself falling into deep confusion.

In addition, he often heard rumors and unsavory accusations about him. So, he had to be very careful. After all, the words and actions of a public figure are always under camera surveillance.

Once he does something wrong, netizens will immediately put various suspicions on him. He will also be denounced on social media and branded with various labels that shouldn’t exist.

Even so, public figures are also human. Every human being must have made mistakes and have their own fears. Therefore, they are being very careful to avoid negative opinions from netizens and maintain their good image.

If you want to enter the entertainment industry, one must be prepared for all the pressures that come with it. However, everyone has different psychological resilience. Some are not affected in the slightest by public opinion. There are others, like Lai Meiyun, who can feel devastated by this.