August 14, 2022

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Always Carry, Turns Out This Is The Most Valuable Item for Minnie (G)I-DLE

Minnie (G)I-DLE revealed a valuable item that she has and always carries with her everywhere. Recently Minnie appeared in a video titled ‘Your Name Tag’ with ELLE Korea, where she showed her valuable items. Quote from Koreaboo on Sunday (31/7/2022), one of the valuable items that Minnie always carries everywhere is none other than a camera.

Her Nikon 28Ti camera was a gift from a fan two years ago, and Minnie often carries it with her wherever she goes until now.

It’s like being a fan, the camera given by the fans is always by his side, as well as Neverlands (fans of (G)I-DLE).

So unfortunately Minnie with this one fan-given camera, she also named her camera by the name Manichinwhich he obtained from reading his own name was Minicha in reverse in Thai.

Minicha is Minnie’s short name which comes from the combination of her stage name ‘Minnie’ and her real name ‘Nicha’. Not only that, Minnie also opened a special Instagram account which she used to upload photos she took using her film camera.

In addition to a number of photos that she has uploaded on her personal Instagram account, Minnie also has a number of photos that she has never shown to the public. When ELLE asked to show some of them, Minnie answered excitedly and showed her the photos she had on her cell phone.

One of them is a photo of one of the members, namely Shuhua. The photo is a photo they took while performing at the weekly music event. At that time the members of (G)I-DLE imitated their childhood style and appearance.

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Minnie also showed photos of the other members with big smiles, showing how much he loves the (G)I-DLE members. In addition to the members, he also did not forget to show a photo of one of the zoos in Thailand, as well as a photo of the view of the city of Dubai at night.

Like the memory of the time travel that she did, Minnie immortalized it all by taking pictures and storing them as the most precious thing to her.