August 14, 2022

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Almost Falling off a Cliff, This Makeup Artist Claims to be Saved by Ding Chengxin

Netease Entertainment reported on August 1, 2022 that a makeup artist who had worked with Ding Chengxin shared his behind-the-scenes experience with actors and members boy group the TNT. His meeting with Ding Chengxin happened during the filming process Wuliang.

The makeup artist revealed that she almost fell off a cliff while fixing Ding Chengxin’s makeup. At that time, the condition of the cliff was slippery and made the makeup artist slip. Luckily, Ding Chengxin who was at the scene swiftly pulled him up.

The makeup artist also mentioned that Ding Chengxin tried to calm her down for a long time after she almost had the unfortunate incident. Not only that, the makeup artist said that Ding Chengxin was very careful when he worked. He described Ding Chengxin as cooperative. He also praised Ding Chengxin’s caring nature to those around him.

Not to be missed, the makeup artist praised Ding Chengxin’s acting in the film Wuliang. Ding Chengxin plays Po Xiao, a blind man. When she was acting, the makeup artist said that Ding Chengxin was able to deepen her role. Even though it was just an act, Ding Chengxin made people feel that he was completely blind.

Ding Chengxin is a Chinese actor and member of boy group Teens in Times or TNT. boy group which debuted under Time Fengjun Entertainment has 7 members consisting of Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang, and He Junlin.

In 2016, Ding Chengxin officially debuted as an actor through Chinese drama Finding Soul. In this drama starring the three TFBOYS members, Ding Chengxin plays a supporting character. He later also became a supporting actor in the drama The Whirlwind Girl 2 and 21 Days with an Alien Cat in the same year.

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Ding Chengxin is cast as the main character for the first time in a drama Second Life which was released in 2017. His acting skills received public recognition after he became the main character in a Chinese film Painted Skin: The Guo Jingming Edition and Wuliang in 2020.