September 28, 2022

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Allegedly Angry Seeing Her Husband Playing Soccer, Wife Performs This Reckless Action

Married life there must be times when faced with problems that make a partner angry. There are various ways couples express emotions to their husbands or wives.

Recently, there was a scene on social media with a video of a wife cutting sports shoes, allegedly because her husband was playing soccer. Instagram social media account onlinenews_idn is one of the accounts that uploaded the video, Wednesday (16/06/2022).

Video footage shows a woman still wearing a full helmet getting off her motorbike into the field. The woman came with a long machete.

Apparently he used the machete to cut the sports shoes of his husband who was playing soccer on this field. The woman without saying a word crouched down while cutting her husband’s sneakers.

He cut one by one the husband’s football boots into two parts. There was a man in a black shirt beside the woman.

It is not known for certain whether the man is the husband of this woman or not. However, after cutting one shoe, the woman showed lifting the cut in front of the man in the black shirt.

This black t-shirt man did not give any response. He focused on his cellphone to record the actions of a woman who was allegedly angry that she cut her husband’s sports shoes.

Allegedly Angry Seeing Her Husband Playing Soccer

The action of the wife cutting her husband’s sports shoes. (Instagram/onlinenews_idn)

Several people watched the woman cut her husband’s sneakers. Meanwhile, some men wearing jerseys chose to play soccer and ignored the woman’s actions.

Until this article was compiled, it was not known where the location of the woman cutting her husband’s sports shoes took place. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses.

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Warganet commented that the woman’s anger was considered scary.

“Terrible times,” said one netizen.

“She’s scary when she’s angry,” said another.

“Bucks a machete to slaughter the cow,” added another by adding a fear emoji.

Some netizens imagine how angry this woman would be if her husband cheated on her.

“Just playing football, not to mention if you play with girls, can you imagine it?” netizen’s response.

“I can’t imagine if the man cheated on me,” said another.