October 1, 2022


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Album Sold 3.61 Million Copy, NCT Dream Wins Second ‘Triple Million Seller’

The boy group from SM Entertainment, NCT Dream, has again added to its record of achievement this year through the sales of their two comeback albums released in 2022.

Adapt from the site Naveron Monday (13/6/2022), NCT Dream again added to their sales record by officially winning the ‘Triple Million Seller’ title for the second time in two consecutive years.

NCT Dream’s second full album titled ‘Glitch Mode’ which was released on March 28, 2022, has managed to surpass the sales figure of 2.09 million copies, and their second repackaged album ‘Beatbox’ which was released on May 30, 2022 yesterday managed to achieve sales figures. 1.52 million copies.

By adding up the sales of the two albums, NCT Dream managed to sell around 3.61 million album copies in 2022.

With this achievement, NCT Dream successfully won their second ‘Triple Million Seller’ title. Previously, the total sales of their first full album ‘Hot Sauce’ and their 1st repackaged album ‘Hello Future’ also surpassed the sales mark of 3 million copies and awarded NCT Dream with their first ‘Triple Million Seller’ title last year.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream previously also won their second ‘Double Million Seller’ title through the album ‘Glitch Mode’ in the shortest period of time, which is one week after the album’s release.

The repackaged album ‘Beatbox’ also managed to record very impressive sales figures for the size of a repackaged album, exceeding 1.52 million copies in less than 2 weeks from the release date.

Once again, NCT Dream managed to break their own achievement record with the comeback albums ‘Glitch Mode’ and ‘Beatbox’ this year, indicating their steady popularity among local and international fans.

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Not only that, NCT Dream’s second repackaged album ‘Beatbox’ also recorded a number of impressive achievements after its release by successfully topping the domestic album chart and various music charts.

The song ‘Beatbox’ also won five trophies in the weekly music event for a whole week.

That was the latest news for NCT Dream and their album sales achievement officially won their second ‘Triple Million Seller’ title for two years in a row.

Congratulations to NCT Dreams.