August 14, 2022

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Agency Quickly Denies RM Rumors, Public Questions V BTS and Jennie BLACKPINK’s Dating Issues

Recently, RM BTS was hit by bad news. Allkpop reported that last Thursday (23/6/22), a gossip channel on YouTube called Sojang claimed that RM would be getting married soon. According to the YouTuber, this rumor he got from the community on line where there are rumors that the ‘bride-to-be’ told his acquaintances the news.

According to posts in the community on line After that, a netizen shared that he heard the news from an acquaintance. He explained that the acquaintance who was his junior claimed to be married to RM on an undetermined date. The netizen also attached a screenshot of his conversation on Kakao Talk.

However, many netizens did not believe this news because Sojang was famous for frequently reporting fake news and spreading celebrity dating gossip without clear evidence. Responding to these rumors, representatives of Big Hit Music quickly spoke up, “The rumors are not true (baseless). We will take strict action against rumors that arise from YouTube.”

Seeing the quick response of BTS’s agency, netizens are wondering why Big Hit Music quickly denied the rumors of RM’s marriage but has not released a single statement regarding the dating rumors between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie that have been circulating widely since last month. Netizens are also busy commenting on this oddity.

“So they were so quick to release a statement about this.”

“Why didn’t they release any statements about Jennie and V?”

“I guess Big Hit didn’t release any statement about Jennie and V because it’s true they’re dating, lol.”

“I only found out about RM’s marriage rumors after the agency’s statement.”

“It’s so random.”

“So HYBE released a statement very quickly if the rumors were not true.”

“I think HYBE is very quick at responding to non-dating rumours.”

Rumors of dating V and Jennie themselves have been blowing hard since the end of last May. YG Entertainment as Jennie’s agency, has released an opinion that seems gray and does not answer the public’s curiosity at all. Meanwhile, Big Hit Music has not opened up about rumors about its artist, V BTS.

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