December 1, 2022

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Against Ghana Not Only About Portugal, but Also Ronaldo’s Personal Proof?

One of the favorite teams, Portugal will compete in the arena today, Thursday (24/11). Adapted from the page, Os Navegadores (The Navigator, the nickname for the Portugal national team) will face African representatives, Ghana in the inaugural match of Group H. In the match that will be held at Stadium 974, the eyes of most world football fans will be on the captain of the Portugal national team, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is not surprising, because recently the player who is identical to the jersey number 7 has indeed become a hot topic in the world of football. Apart from rarely getting minutes to play at Manchester United, who is now coached by Erik Ten Hag, Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan, which is considered something controversial, also made the polemic about him even longer. The impact was that the player who had defended Real Madrid and Juventus had to part ways with Manchester United, the club that made his name.

Apart from all the polemics that have befallen Ronaldo, the battle between Portugal and Ghana will be a proving ground for the mega star. Ronaldo, who has been sidelined by Erik Ten Hag at Manchester United, has a great opportunity to prove that he is not finished, as many have predicted recently.

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Against Ghana, which has the lowest ranking among the World Cup contestants, Ronaldo is expected to show his best again. An important thing to do, considering that he will certainly become a free player in the January transfer market. By showing the best performance, at least Ronaldo will get three things at once.

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The first thing that Ronaldo will get is that he can make a club that wants his services close, then the second is to prove to Erik Ten Hag that the coach was wrong for wasting his abilities, and the third is to prove to the wider community that his abilities have not run out.

Indeed, it would be a shame if in this edition of the World Cup, Ronaldo had to play with the label as an “outcast player” from his club. However, all things certainly have a positive side. With that label, Ronaldo can actually play freely and prove that he can still compete at the highest level in the world of football. What’s more, we certainly also miss the competition between Ronaldo and Messi in their pursuit of the title as the best player in the World Cup this time.

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