August 8, 2022

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After scoring the first goal, coach Ansan Greeners said Asnawi Mangkualam’s performance is currently at its peak

The new coach of Ansan Greeners, Lim Jong-heon, gave great appreciation to Asnawi Mangkualam’s performance. According to him, the former Makassar PSM player is currently at the peak of his game and is considered to continue to develop for the better.

Initially, Lim Jong-heon admitted that he was a little doubtful about the abilities possessed by Asnawi Mangkualam. But finally he saw the performance of the Indonesian national team star showed a positive trend.

“Asnawi reached the top (of the game). He was very happy. I was a little hesitant at first, but he has changed a lot in his last match,” Lim Jong-heon was quoted as saying by Sports Chosun.

Lim Jong-heon believes that Asnawi Mangkualam has found his character as a right-back player. He also saw that Asnawi had confidence in himself.

“I believe [Asnawi] have found the character of the game. I’ve also seen him gain confidence. (Asnawi) will go forward,” said Lim Jong-heon.

Asnawi Mangkualam has always played as a starter in Ansan Greeners’ last five matches in K-League 2. He recently scored his first goal with Ansan Greeners in his second season.

Asnawi Mangkualam was able to score his first goal when Ansan Greeners against Gimpo Citizen in the continuation of K-League 2 (23/7/2022). In that match Ansan Greeners won with a score of 3-1 over Gimpo Citizen, despite conceding 1 goal.

The goal scored by Asnawi Mangkualam did not escape the attention of Lim Jong-heon. According to him Asnawi has been practicing very hard.

“He (Asnawi) trains very hard. He practiced defending in one-on-one positions. He also continues to hone his skills to contribute in attack.”

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Coach Ansan Greeners’ assessment of Asnawi Mangkualam was heard by his fans in the country. Many of them provide support to former PSM Makassar players who are currently being rumored to be ogled by one of the South Korean giants who are currently playing in the top competition of South Korean football.

“Keep the spirit to continue to exist with your performance, Mas, good job,” said one netizen.

“Alhamdulillah… Hopefully we can level up to the Korean 1st league,” said another netizen.

Contributors: Moh. Afaf El Kurnia