December 1, 2022

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Aesthetic Fail! This loving couple’s intimate moment broke up because the mothers came

Capturing intimate moments with your beloved is one of the happiest things. Because moments captured in a photo or video can become memories in the future.

This is what this couple wants to do. However, the moment of the lovers making out failed to be captured aesthetically because the mothers came.

The funny video about it was uploaded directly by the couple on their TikTok account and re-shared on the receh.akutu Instagram account.

Promise not aesthetic? Where are you pointing at the sky even though there are no stars (crying emoji),” description of the upload of receh.akutu as quoted by, Wednesday (05/10/2022).

Initially, this couple deliberately made video recordings to capture their moments of intimacy. They happened to be visiting one of the paragliding tourist spots.

The lovers sat on the edge of the hill below which there was a beautiful view of the sparkling city lights. They sat side by side gazing at the beautiful sight.

The girl pointed her hand at the sky, which at that time was dark without a single star. They seemed to be chatting so intimately.

However, the intimate moment that was planned to be immortalized in an aesthetic video failed. This is because a mother suddenly came.

The mother was facing the camera belonging to the lovers which happened to be installed behind them.

“Whose is this?” asked the mothers in Sundanese.

Aesthetic Fails Because Mothers Come

Aesthetic lovers fail to capture intimate moments. (Instagram/reeh.akutu)

The lovers who were making out reflexively looked back. They laughed a little saying that the camera belonged to both of them and had been intentionally installed there.

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Mothers who thwarted their aesthetic moments could only gawk and say, ‘Oh’. Videos of lovers failing to capture intimate moments with aesthetics because the mothers came viral on social media.

The comment column for the viral video upload has received various responses from netizens.

“Well, the aesthetics are kept inside (laughing emoji),” a netizen commented.

Mothers lack briefing,” said another.

Wkwkwkwk peak comedy,‘ another response.

I’m laughing (laughing emoji)” added another netizen.