September 27, 2022

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aespa Releases Poster SMCU – aespa, Season 1: Journey to KWANGYA Begins

The journey to KWANGYA begins. The girl group from SM Entertainment, aespa, has released the main poster for the content of ‘SM CULTURE UNIVERSE – aespa, Season 1’.

Quote from Allkpopon Thursday (16/6/2022), the first ‘SMCU – aespa, Season 1’ was released in May 2021, through the first episode titled ‘EP.1 Black Mamba.’

SM CULTURE UNIVERSE – aespareveals the initial story of the journey of four girls (aespa members) to the world metaverse with the aim of defeating the dark forces that have taken over the world they live in aethe FLAT.

In the first episode of season 1, viewers are introduced to a unique world where humans can interact with versions of ae themselves through the process SYNK.

However, the connection between the human world and ae suddenly cut off due to the actions of a mysterious character known as ‘Black Mamba’, giving rise to a phenomenon called SYNKOUT.

Along with aespa’s promotions as a K-Pop girl group, the story of ‘SM CULTURE UNIVERSE – aespa, Season 1’ will continue like a cinematic series.

In order to welcome the comeback of aespa’s second mini album ‘Girls’ on July 8, 2022, aespa will continue their journey in the metaverse world through ‘Ep.2 Next Level’.

‘Ep.2 Next Level’ is scheduled to premiere at KWANGYA (SM Entertainment’s new building), on June 19, 2022. A number of fans who were lucky through the lucky draw system were able to watch the premiere of ‘Ep.2 Next Level’ live.

Meanwhile, ‘Ep.2 Next Level’ will be released globally the next day on June 20, 2022.

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Following the release of ‘Ep.2 Next Level’, aespa will also be releasing the single ‘Life’s Too Short’ on June 24, 2022, as a pre-released single before the second mini album ‘Girls’ is officially released.

‘Life’s Too Short’ is aespa’s first English single, which they also performed on the stage of ‘Choachella 2022’ some time ago.

aespa will also be holding a series of showcases to celebrate the comeback of their second mini album. Aespa’s first showcase titled ‘SYNK’ will open in Japan as well as Los Angeles.

I’m even more curious about ‘Ep.2 Next Level’ and of course AESPA’s second mini album comeback next month. What do you think?