August 8, 2022

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Used Motorcycle, Must Be Careful

Motorcycles are one of the favorite types of vehicles that are widely used by the people of Indonesia. Even so, we have to spend quite a bit if we want to get a new motorcycle. Therefore, a used motorcycle can be an option to buy.

Buying a used motorcycle is actually the right choice if our financial condition is mediocre. If we are lucky, we can get a motorbike that is still in good condition but at an affordable price.

However, that does not mean buying a used motorcycle is without risks. We can also get a motorbike that has a lot of damage at a high price. Therefore, we must be smart in choosing a used motorcycle.

Here are 4 advantages and disadvantages of buying a used motorcycle.

1. Cheaper Price

Because it is a used or after-sales motorbike, of course the price offered is cheaper than a new motorbike. Even for units that haven’t been used for a long time, the price has dropped. This can be an opportunity for us to buy a motorcycle that looks like new but at a used price.

2. Can Get Old Model

The development of motorcycle models continues to change. From year to year new models and types appear. This causes many old models and types to stop production.

In fact, many people like the old model. Because you can’t buy a new motorbike with this model, buying a used one can be an option.

3. Must be careful

Used motorcycles certainly have different conditions. Some are still good, but some have a lot of damage. In fact, we can’t use the outside as a reference. It may look smooth on the outside but the inside has a lot of damage.

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Therefore, we must be careful in checking the unit we are going to buy. If necessary, invite people who know more about motorbikes so that we don’t make the wrong choice.

4. Some Part Not Like New

Because it is used, of course some parts or parts of the vehicle are not like new anymore. For example, the body that has been scratched, and so on. We have to be able to compromise with that. We also have to adjust to the price offered, whether it is appropriate for the condition of the unit or not.

Thus 4 advantages and disadvantages if we buy a used motorcycle. What do you think?