October 1, 2022


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Actress Jeon Jong Seo Looks Stunning in Harper’s BAZAR Korea Photoshoot

On Monday (21/6/2022), Harper’s BAZAR Korea released its latest photo shoot with actress Jeon Jong Seo, who showed off her irreplaceable charm in a unique and stunning style.

Reporting from KBIZoom on (22/6/2022), in one photo, Jeon Jong Seo gives off a bold charm by matching leather boots and short sleeves with only underwear, without wearing bottoms. She created a new atmosphere that went against her usual beautiful image with a natural style.

In another photo, she is wearing smokey makeup and wearing a baseball jumper, attracting attention by exuding a mysterious sexy aura. Jeon Jong Seo appeared with a shy and slightly playful smile, making his energetic and lively charm stand out even more.

Jeon Jong Seo in his latest photoshoot for Harper’s BAZAR Korea

Actress Jeon Jong Seo looks bold in her new photoshoot for Harper’s BAZAR Korea (instagram/@harpersbazarkorea)

Jeon Jong Seo’s photoshoot and interview can be found in the July issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea.

In 2018, Jeon Jong Seo, who is a rookie actress, appeared in Lee Chang Dong’s 2018 film “Burning” as Hae Mi and made her name known to the public. He raised fan expectations for his appearance as Tokyo in the Korean version of the Netflix series “Money Heist”, which will be released on June 24, 2022.

Quoting from Soompi, “Money Heist” is a Spanish crime drama (also known as “The House of Paper”/”La case de papel”) about a group by a criminal mastermind named the Professor.

The remake of “Money Heist Korea: Joint Economic Area” takes place in Korea and stars Yoo Ji Tae as a Professor. Other cast members include Park Hae Soo (Berlin), Jeon Song Seo (Tokyo), Lee Hyun Woo (Rio), Lee Won Jong (Moscow), Kim Ji Hoon (Denver), Jang Yoon Joo (Nairobi), Kim Ji Hoon (Helsinki). ), and Lee Kyu Ho (Oslo).

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Meanwhile, Jeon Jong Seo publicized his romantic relationship with Lee Chung Hyun – the director of the Netflix film “The Call” which he starred in in December last year.

Recently, he posted a selfie taken with director Lee Chung Hyun on his Instagram on June 19, 2022, showing off the two’s friendly appearance as an ordinary couple.