December 6, 2022

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Actively Practicing, Jin BTS and Jihyo TWICE Reap Praise from Their Vocal Teacher

Behind the natural talent and melodic tone of voice, it takes a qualified vocal technique to become an impressive singer.

To learn good vocal technique, you need a good vocal teacher. Kim Sung Eun from WIP Company is one of the vocal teachers in the K-Pop industry.

He is known as the coach of famous idol groups such as BTS and TWICE. Having a successful student in the entertainment industry certainly made him feel proud.

Kim Sungeun also shared his experience when training these top idols together The Korean Times.

Kim Sungeun trained the three BTS members, Jungkook, Jin, and V. He revealed that the biggest reason he loves his job as a vocal teacher is because he meets a lot of good people. One of them is Jin BTS.

Kim confessed, like trainee others. Jin also had a hard time at the beginning. One time Jin was practicing singing Asher Brook’s ‘Try’, and that time he couldn’t do it well.

However, a few years later, Jin contacted his vocal teacher, and sent him a recording of the song ‘Try’ and said ‘I’ve grown, haven’t I?’

Kim said Jin has not only improved his vocal skills, but he is much more reliable than he used to be. What impressed Kim the most was Jin’s attitude.

Even though he has become a superstar and has a super busy schedule, Jin is still learning to be better,” said Kim Sung Eun.

Besides Jin BTS, Kim Sungeun also talked about strength play vocals group TWICE, namely Jihyo. He shared a list of song challenges for Jihyo for the group’s melody project, such as the song ‘Butterfly’ by Rhythm King, ‘Angora’ by MoonMoon, ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor, ‘Unbreakable Smile’ by Tori Kelly, and the jazz acoustic version of TWICE’s song ‘TT’.

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Kim expressed his admiration for Jihyo, for successfully performing all the songs on the list live with the band’s musical accompaniment.

In my opinion, Jihyo pushed her abilities to the limit,“said Kim Sung Eun.

In addition to several BTS members and TWICE’s Jihyo, Kim Sungeun has also trained IU and Kang Daniel, both of whom are also known to have good vocal techniques.