August 8, 2022

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Accused of taking IDR 10 thousand, this woman was ordered to remake, the owner acted rudely

A video circulated on social media showing a young woman accused of taking 10 thousand in cash, told to reenact the scene, but was instead abused by the owner of the house. One of these videos was uploaded by the Kabarnegri Instagram social media account, Friday (25/06/2022).

“He doesn’t have a heart, this mother is accused of stealing 10 thousand, then told to remake it,” writing in the video as quoted by Kabarnegri, Saturday (25/6/2022).

Video footage shows a young woman being asked to recreate herself while taking Rp. 10 thousand in cash. When the woman was doing the reenactment, it was watched by the owner of the house and local residents.

Still on the terrace before the re-enactment, this woman’s head was pushed by someone from behind. The owner of the house (a middle-aged woman) violently beat the woman who she accused of taking Rp. 10 thousand.

The owner of the house didn’t hit this woman just once. A mother tried to prevent him from beating the woman.

There was another young woman who was carrying a toddler who also acted rudely to the woman. The woman accused of theft explained that she entered the house because the door was not locked.

This woman they repeated herself to the shop in the house. However, no one then looked into the room while calling the owner of the house.

The woman’s statement was denied by the owner of the house (a young woman). He says that woman is lying because the owner of the house locked the door and saw her coming in the room too.

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Accused of taking IDR 10 thousand

Some of the homeowners were rude to him. (Instagram/newspaper)

The woman accused of stealing swore on the information she gave to her knees begging for mercy. The young woman who owns the house is again rude to the woman.

He beat and then pushed the woman accused of stealing $10,000 from her home. The video of this woman being accused of stealing 10 thousand dollars until there was a re-enactment that led to a violent act from the owner of the house drew comments from netizens.

“It’s only Rp. 10 riba, how come it’s like that with people. Mimin made a donation for the mother who was bullied, min,” a netizen commented.

“Just be honest, that many people don’t have a heart at all,” another response.

“The value of Rp. 10 thousand can’t use the advice to sit down and give sweet tea, ask why you are stealing, what is the reason? Must be given a toyor in the head, viral like this! Oh my God, Karim,” added another.

“Don’t look at the Rp. 10 thousand, yesterday the minister of social assistance was also arrested by the kpk,” said another netizen.