December 2, 2022

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Accompanied by a boy amazed by his sport motorbike, the rider’s response reaps praise

Small children when they like something are often close to what they like. They will also ask about something they like.

This boy was the same as most children. He was amazed by the cool sports motorbike and went straight to the owner.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram social media account jakarta.Hard, the boy approached the young man who was sitting on his red sport motorbike. This boy who was curious about the cool sport motorbike asked the young man.

The young man sitting on his sport motorbike happily answered the boy’s question. They also engage in conversation.

Meanwhile, a friend of a young man who both rides a red sports motorbike is going to the shop. When his friend finished buying food at the stall, the young man left with him.

However, before leaving, this friend approached the boy who was chatting with the young man earlier. He stopped for a moment and parked his motorbike on the side of the road.

He was seen looking for money from inside his jacket. The motorcyclist then ran to give the money into the boy’s shirt pocket.

Sport Biker Response

This motorcyclist gave money to the boy who accompanied his friend earlier. (Instagram/ jakarta.hard)

He immediately rushed off after giving the money to the boy. However, the boy refuses and tries to return the money to the sport biker.

Unfortunately, the driver rushed his motorbike away from there because it happened to be raining. The boy finally accepted the money given by the kind-hearted sport biker.

As of this writing, the video has already garnered 1.3 million views on reels and 107 thousand likes. The video commentary column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens.

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Not a few netizens who gave praise to the action of the kind-hearted sport biker.

“Wow, very noble,” commented one netizen.

“This is just good, rather than alms but for prestige,” another compliment.

“This motorbike has a good attitude, it’s also good,” added another.

“Good motorbike, good wallet, good morals. Long live good things,” said another.

“That’s cool, sir,” said another netizen.