December 6, 2022

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A Hundred Flowers: A Son’s Struggle Brings Memories of a Mother

It has become a common thing that every responsible parent will give everything the best for their children. It will still be done even though you have to be a single parentand live alone together with the baby.

Even though she has to raise her child alone, a mother will always try to make her child feel comfortable and also always work hard to be able to lead her child to become a successful person in the future.

The heavy journey of a mother who has the status of single parent, clearly illustrated in the film produced by a Japanese filmmaker entitled A Hundred Flower. From the title alone, we have “smelled” the smell of sadness in this film.

It is true, this film is about the sad story of a mother in bringing her son to success. As a single mother, Yuriko Kasai (Harada Mieko) always works hard to raise her only child, Izumi Kasai (Suda Masaki).

While growing up, Izumi Kasai was eventually accepted to work at a record label company. Of course this makes this little family feel happy.

But unfortunately, this happiness began to be on the verge of collapse when the mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, namely memory degradation.

Whatever was in Yuriko Kasai’s memory, slowly disappeared, and even she also lost the memory of her son. Of course this makes Izumi feel sad, and tries to make her mother heal.

Izumi, who takes care of her mother, tries to lure her mother to recall the old memories they had together in the past. But unfortunately, the efforts made by Izumi were not easy.

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He has to face a case that happened in the past, where the case is something he will never forget. What’s the case? Why are you curious about the case that traumatized Izumi?

However, for the time being, curiosity about this touching and blue drama film made by a Japanese production house has been temporarily suppressed. The reason is, adapted from the page mydramalist, This new film will be released on September 9, 2022.

Oh yes, besides starring senior actress Mieko Harada and handsome actor Masaki Suda, this film also stars top Japanese actress Masami Nagasawa who plays Kaori Kasai.

In addition, there are still actors Masatoshi Nagase, Yukiya Kitamura, and also Amane Okayama who participated in this film. Hopefully, after being released in Japan later, this film will also be able to enter Indonesia soon!