December 6, 2022

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9 Types of Friends When Taken On Vacation, Which Are You?

The best vacation is when you are busy with friends. It feels so exciting and doesn’t get bored easily when traveling. Therefore, many people who want to go on vacation usually contact their friends first to make an appointment or leave immediately that day.

However, in fact, taking friends on vacation is also not easy. Here it is 9 type of friend when invited to vacation together. Read more!

1. The spirit

The spirit is most delicious when invited to vacation. Without thinking, usually he immediately agreed and immediately prepared himself. The spirit will not PHP if you have said “okay, come on, you can”.

2. The one who thinks too much

There are types of people who think too much when they want to go on vacation. He is full of this and that consideration that makes other people wait a long time for his decision. Not infrequently this type of person at the end always says “duh, sorry I can’t come”.

3. The mageran

Even though the purpose of vacation is to have fun, in fact there are also types of people who are lazy when they are invited to go on vacation. He prefers to do what he likes. If it’s like this, it’s better to just respect the decision, rather than being forced later he will bad mood.

4. The many affairs

People who always make excuses for having a lot of business are the most difficult to take on vacations, and not infrequently their friends have memorized their nature. Usually other people are also lazy to invite him because they always refuse. Just like before, we quite respect his decision because we don’t know how much business he is doing.

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5. Si ragged

Si ragged If you are invited to go on vacation, it will always be complicated with him. For example choosing outfitcarry the most goods for his own sake, want to always exist, and so on.

6. Simple

The opposite of the rempong, the simple likes the ease and anti-complicated. He just brought what he needed and didn’t think too much about it. For him, the important thing is to go on vacation and have fun.

7. The complete

This complete person always carries the needs during the holidays quite complete and nothing should be left behind. Usually the goods that are brought can also be relied upon if there are other friends who need them. For example, asking for tissues, perfume, borrowing an umbrella, and so on.

8. The handyman is late

Friends like this are the most annoying. The clock went so backwards just to wait for it. Want to leave, but hesitate because it’s an appointment. Don’t be like this when you’re invited to go on vacation!

9. The sudden can’t

The most annoying thing is the friend who always suddenly can’t go when it’s close to the appointment time for vacation. Not infrequently, this type of friend is very annoying bad mood!

So, those are 9 types of friends when you go on vacation together, so which type of friend is yours?