December 1, 2022

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83-year-old grandmother is still fit to ride her own motorbike, leaks her youthful secret

Old age is synonymous with an old body and is haunted by disease. No wonder many old people are sickly.

However, in contrast to this one grandmother, even though she is 83 years old, she is still fit and able to ride her own motorbike. The figure of a fit grandmother was revealed by the owner of the TikTok social media account idapratama79.

The 83-year-old grandmother who is still in shape is named Mamah Atit. His body looks still healthy even though he is old.

Her skin also looks firmer than her age. Mamah Atit’s face doesn’t even look like an 83 year old woman.

Ida, the owner of this TikTok account, said that Mamah Atit is more suitable for 55 years with her youthful face. Mamah Atit with her fit body is still doing her daily activities as usual.

Mamah Atit rides a motorcycle at a moderate speed, not too slowly. He seems agile when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

In fact, without using the help of glasses when driving. Of course, many are curious about Mamah Atit who can stay young and fit at the age of 83 this year.

Mamah Atit still looks young and fit. (TikTok/ idapratama79)

Mamah Atit’s secret to staying young and fit is only one, namely exercise. It is known that Atit’s mother has been diligent in sports since she was young.

“83 years old is still a normal activity, riding a motorbike without glasses, his body is still strong, his face is still beautiful, his skin is still good. He doesn’t look 83 years old because he has been diligent in sports since he was young,” description of the video upload as quoted by, Sunday (25/09/2022).

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Mamah Atit usually does light exercise, namely walking. Another routine sport is badminton which he has been doing until now.

Ida hopes that Mamah Atit’s recipe for ageless youth can be transmitted to her.

“Hopefully I’m your mom’s age. Amen,” said Ida, bringing Mamah Atit home.

The viral video of Mamah Atit, who is 83 years old but still fit and youthful, has attracted public attention. Mamah Atit was invited to appear on a program on a well-known private television station.